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The Journey Begins!

As a father of 3, two boys and a girl, there is a conflicting battle that becomes apparent. The need to provide materially for the family or to spend time with them. Which is more important?
Working continental shifts (12 hours days and nights) didn’t leave a lot of time. But I asked myself why does it have to be a choice between making money or spending time with the kids?
About 30 years ago I started to look at network marketing and realized that this business model would allow me to get the time freedom I was so desperately seeking.
Instead of success I realized more struggles.
Those struggles prepared me, for the success that I am experiencing today. HenryVictorEcom is the result of developing strategies to build a successful online presence. Through it I can inspire my team and provide a resource that can be used to build any business.
It is also a platform for educational resources that promote exponential income creation and wealth preservation.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide a resource that will allow individuals to succeed in preserving wealth and creating exponential income.

There are a few rules (laws) to success that must always be observed. One of the laws is the law of mutual exchange.
You can only be successful by virtue of what you contribute. Contribute value you will receive value, contribute negativity you will receive negativity.

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